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About Rainbow Scoop

Rainbow Scoop provides sassy LGBTQ celebrity gossip, news, and fashion with a healthy serving of support and advice, too! 

I'm Amy, founder of Rainbow Scoop. My love history is more complicated than a Game of Thrones plot, but I currently have a long-distance girlfriend of 8 years who lives in NY. I came out on April 30, 2013 after spending 7 years in the closet. I've never regretted coming out and wish I had done it years earlier. My parents have been great and my dad especially has been so incredibly supportive!

I got the idea to create Rainbow Scoop because I wanted a fun, positive place where people could find news about their favorite LGBTQ celebs, but also get information and support for themselves. 

I like nachos, true crime tv shows, tattoos, funny GIFs, and animals and I'm a part-time New Yorker so there's a good chance you'll see me on the Amtrak or wandering the streets of Soho when I'm not in the DC area working for The Man.