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Transgender Teen Crowned Homecoming King

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Homecoming Queen Mercedes Mackay with Homecoming King Mel Gonzales

Homecoming Queen Mercedes Mackay with Homecoming King Mel Gonzales

This is the year of transgender teens sweeping homecoming courts! Mel Gonzales, a transgender student at Austin High in Sugar Land, Texas, was crowned Homecoming King last week. Gonzales told Project Q Houston that winning the crown proves acceptance is growing for people who identify “outside of the gender binary.”

Gonzales had written a message for his classmates on social media that said:

“I never wanted to make it as (homecoming king) a popularity contest. Rather, I wanted to prove that an openly transgender male could make court. I don’t want to be just your homecoming king — I want to be your female-to-male homecoming king.

“It may not be a big deal to you, but this is for my LGBT community, for my Gay-Straight Alliance, and for my underdogs who don’t get enough representation. You are capable, so always keep at it.”

How come kids understand this stuff way better than adults?!?!


Straight Guy Beaten for Standing Up Against Gay Slur; Will Continue to Support LGBT

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Drew Bartscher, a 27-year-old straight father of two from Sioux Falls, South Dakota was beaten, ending up with a black eye and head injuries, after telling a woman that using homophobic slurs was uncalled for.  Bartscher says he approached the the woman and politely told her “faggot” was “rude” and offensive. The woman’s boyfriend then punched him.

“I hear a woman… make a comment to her boyfriend along the lines of, ‘These F-ing F-words,’ referring to homosexuals… Then I hear this guy yell at me, ‘What the F did you say to my girlfriend?!’ I turned just a little bit and then the next thing I know, my friends are picking me up off the sidewalk, [because] I had gotten punched pretty good.”

Bartscher said he wouldn't have handled the situation any differently and will continue to speak up for the LGBT community.

“Stand up for what you believe in. Love everyone.”


Nick Jonas Says Jonas Brothers Never Did Enough for Gay Fans

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Nick Jonas says that the Jonas Brothers never really acknowledged their gay fans due to their  image at the time (they were famous for wearing purity rings). He told NewsNowNext:

“I grew up doing theatre here in New York, surrounded by [the gay community] and loving it at a young age.

“When my brothers and I started touring and had some success, naturally they became a pretty big part of our following.

“I don’t know that we ever did enough to really own that.”

Now that Nick is on his own, he plans on changing that:

“I really want to make an effort to embrace the community with open arms.”

Nick has been promoting his new music in gay clubs and even took off his shirt! His character on the MMA drama series Kingdom also will have nude scenes and the character's storyline will deal with his sexuality.





Extra Sprinkles: Gays Gassed, Photo Misuse Condemned, Rylan's Engaged


Philly gay bashing witness says "I don't see how it could be self-defense"

Anti-gay activists have attacked Queerfest attendees in St Petersburg, Russia, spraying participants with a harmful green stinky gas.

San Francisco could become the first US city to provide HIV-preventative drug Truvada for free.

Utah anti-gay activists have been condemned for using pictures of the children of same-sex couples without permission during a homophobic ‘Stand for the Family’ conference. Although touted as being about "traditional marriage," it mostly focused on banning same-sex couples from raising children. During organiser Mary Summerhays' speech, she showed the crowd pictures of local same-sex couples and their children, using the photos without the parents' permission or consent.

Former UK X Factor singer and TV presenter Rylan Clark has announced his engagement to former Big Brother star Dan Neal. The pair began met last year while Rylan was hosting Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, and they confirmed they were dating late last year. 

Oh, Clay, Just Shut the F Up! Blames Victims in Celeb Nude Hacking Leak

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Why is it that when people go into politics, they turn into major douchebags? I'm sort of Clay Aiken-agnostic - I don't care enough about him to pay attention to what he does these days, but ya gotta call a brother out when he's an asshat. Proving that gay Clay has a lot in common with het misogynist pigs, Clay blames the victims in the celebrity nude photo leak scandal saying:

“Anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get.” 

I'm not going to make the logic leap and compare it to people who say "she asked for it" but wait, I totally am. Clay made the comments to a Washington Post reporter yesterday. Proving he's better than the rest of us, he says:

“I’ve got a mirror if I want to check something out.”


Bitch please, I don't need the image of Clay checking "something" out in the mirror in my head. And like a typical politician talking out both sides of his mouth, Clay said:

“Of course whoever [stole and released the photos] should be hogtied.”

“It’s unfortunate that we don’t have Internet security right now or the laws in place to protect people from pirating that stuff.”

It's not like there's entire companies devoted to internet security, Clay. Or anti-piracy laws. That's crazy talk! Instead of blaming the victims, how about working on putting the blame where it directly falls - on hackers who exploited vulnerabilities to access pictures they had no right to access.

John Travolta's Alleged Former Lover Supposedly Wants 10 Million to Keep Quiet

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So times this by 10 LOL

So times this by 10 LOL

64-year-old Doug Gotterba  claims he had a six-year love affair and “gentle but very passionate” sex with John Travolta in the 1980s. In July, Gotterba filed the suit against Travolta because of several cease and desist letters the actor sent him about a book Gotterba is writing, which apparently reveals deets of their six-year affair, which Gotterba claims ended when he was fired from his piloting job at Travolta’s aircraft company Alto.

The suit is about a confidentiality agreement Gotterba supposedly signed when he was fired from Alto. Travolta’s reps claim that details in the book would violate the agreement while Gotterba claims he never signed it.

Travolta told The Daily Beast this week that they’re “just about people wanting money. This is every celebrity’s achilles heel.” In an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday, Gotterba said:

What John Travolta said about me in a recent interview is an inaccurate description of what our court case is about.

Our dispute is purely about declaratory relief and will be a non-monetary judgement. This is about the truth and my right for a court to decide who is telling the truth, not for Mr Travolta to make a judgement.

But the Daily Mail learned Gotterba asked for a settlement and would most likely agree not to publish his book for a $10 million. So, maybe it is all about the money, money, money. You can see a pic of Travolta and Gotterba here in case you really need that in your life.

Meanwhile, I think I need to file suit against someone to get the image of Travolta and Gotterba having "gentle but very passionate sex" out of my head. 


1D Fans Raise Money for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in Honor of Harry Styles' 21st Birthday


A group of One Direction fans are raising money for the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honor of Harry Styles' 21st birthday on February 1st. The fan group, called 1D Fans Give, has raised more than $40,000 for charitable causes in honor of each of the 1D boys' birthdays.

Because of Harry’s recent support of Michael Sam as well as other LGBT causes, this year 1D Fans Give chose the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honor of Harry Styles’ 21st Birthday. Harry recorded a “happy birthday” message to Switchboard earlier this year for Switchboard's 40th birthday! 

Founded in 1974, the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard (LLGS) is the oldest gay and lesbian telephone help line in the UK. LLGS, or “Switchboard” as it is affectionately known, provides a listening service for people to discuss their feelings in an impartial and non-judgmental way, as well as information and advice. The charity drive goal is £10,000.00 ($16291 approx), which will be raised if it is met. 1D Fans Give is also selling wristbands, tshirts, and other gear to raise money for the drive. The charity link was set up last night and has already raised £268 ($436) in just a few hours! 

To donate: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/harry21

Confession time: I run 1D Fans Give! We'd really like to make this year's drive a success. Harry's brave support of Michael Sam at a time when the NFL was arguing over whether a gay player would be a distraction led us to make the brave decision to support an LGBT charity for his birthday (even though we know we will probably miss out on some donations from fans or their parents who don't approve of our choice of charity). So, with that in mind, even if you aren't a One Direction fan, please consider supporting our charity drive! Switchboard is a wonderful charity and could definitely use the support!

t.A.T.u.'s Lena Katina Responds to Ex-Partner Julia Volkova's Homophobic Comments

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Earlier, I wrote about Julia Volkova of t.A.T.u. making anti-gay statements. Last night, Julia's ex-t.A.T.u partner Lena Katina posted a Facebook update on her official account clarifying her point of view and expressing support for the LGBT community. Lena definitely seems to be distancing herself from Julia's remarks about how she would condemn a gay son! You can read Lena's side from her Facebook below:

"Hey, all! I am seeing some comments lately regarding my position about LGBT and my religion. I can say one thing: God is teaching us to live in love, to be tolerant and not to judge other people! And I do so! Love is love and it is a wonderful feeling! I think everybody should be free to love who they love and be with who they want to spend their life with! Xoxo" -Lena Katina

Jon Stewart's Hilarious Video on NFL: Remember when Gay Player was the Biggest Distraction?

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Jon Stewart has a hilarious segment from The Daily Show on the recent NFL abuse scandals and the league's response contrasted with the "distraction" of having openly gay Michael Sam playing in the league. 

Bonus: Fox News anchor Sean Hannity reacting to child abuse charges against Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings by expressing concerns that the government might prohibit parents from teaching their kids that “being gay is not normal.”

“This is my problem with liberals. Here’s where my fear goes. You guys want to tell parents what they can and cannot do — for example, is it going to become illegal if a parent teaches the politically correct view that being gay is not normal?”


My WTF gifs are getting a workout today!

Ben Whishaw to Play Gay Spy in BBC's London Spy


BBC has given the green light to a five-part gay spy series called London Spy and openly gay Ben Whishaw will be in the lead role. The 33-year-old British actor played Q in Skyfall. The Independent summarizes London Spy:

Danny is an outgoing and pleasure-seeking romantic who becomes embroiled in the world of British espionage, after falling for the enigmatic Alex.

But when Alex disappears, Danny must decide whether he is prepared to find out what has happened to him. 

Sounds intriguing! I'm in! 

t.A.T.u Singer Julia Volkova: 'I Would Condemn A Gay Son'


t.A.T.u Singer Julia Volkova has done an interview for Russian TV in which she says she would condemn a gay son, but that lesbians are okay because they are more aesthetically pleasing together.


The video is in Russian, but was translated on YouTube and some comments on other sites have verified that yes, this is the gist of what she said...surprising since t.A.T.u profited off their gay audience by "playing" gay.

Questioner: Will you condemn your son, if he is gay?

Yes, I would condemn him, because I believe that a real man must be a real man. God created man for procreation, it is the nature. The man for me is the support, the strength of... I won't support gay son.

Questioner: Stop stop... you just told me that you do not mind if your daughter was a lesbian. You were talking about freedom...

This only applies to a daughter, not a son.

Questioner: So you think that freedom can only be for women?

I think for men it's a bad freedom. In our time, there is a very large number of frivolous girls (and a man can be with a large number of these girls). This is freedom for men. And a man has no right to be a fag.

Two girls together - not the same thing as the two men together. It seems to me that lesbians look aesthetically much nicer than two men holding their hands or kissing.

But! I want to say that I'm not against gays, I just want my son to be a real man, not a fag.

I have many gay friends. I believe that being gay is all still better than murderers, thieves or drug addicts. If you choose out of all this, being gay is better than the rest. I do not blame anyone.

Wow. Just wow.

Security Confiscates Rainbow Items at One Direction Concert Claiming They Were "Offensive"

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I reported a little while ago on Rainbow Direction, a movement to show support to LGBTQ fans of One Direction by wearing rainbow gear. As a shameless 1D fan, I even participated at the DC show. I had a very positive experience, even earning a thumbs up from Louis for my rainbow bear shirt, but reports are coming out of the Phoenix, Arizona show saying Security confiscated rainbow items for being "offensive"!

hold the fuck up.gif

A mother and daughter team crafted 170 rainbow necklaces and other items to hand out at the concert, but were forced by security staff to throw all the gadgets in the bin, claiming they were “offensive”. Sarah, the mom, said:

“When we got to the bag check a lady said “Nope, we can’t take it in, we can’t have that”. I asked “Why?” and my daughter said “Do you think it is going to explode into one giant rainbow and everyone will be gay?” They called in a man in beige, I thought he was a sheriff, who looked at the cards and said “No they can’t take that in. It’s offensive”.  I laughed out of shock. Choice was throw it out or don’t go in. I was in tears walking towards the gate. I was so angry.”


The mom and daughter did manage to smuggle in one LGBT supportive sign and a rainbow necklace the daughter was wearing, although security continued to harass the pair, asking them to put down the one tiny sign they had and remove the rainbow necklace because it was "offensive". Daughter Kayley did remove the necklace, but then threw on-stage where it was seen by Harry and Niall. Sarah said:

“The concert itself was wonderful. Liam and Louis acknowledged the sign in a positive way. Many people asked us about the necklace and we got positive feedback about Rainbow Direction. The people were supportive. It was the staff who acted completely awful.”

I think Louis sums my feelings on this matter up in the gif below:

A mother and son who traveled in from Utah with rainbow flags and rainbow outfits had a slightly different experience that had a rough moment but a much happier ending. Mom Alisa said:

"One of the first times Harry came over to our side of the stage he pointed at my son, gave him thumbs up and then a fist shake. Louis was next, waving to Brady and the girls as they had the flag up. I believe Niall also gave them a smile and head nod."

"A not very nice man in the audience placed his hands on Brady and said in a very homophobic way to stop waving that gay sign around. Luckily someone heard the altercation and notified security and they moved the kids up to some empty seats even closer to the stage.”

I know some of you are probably saying, what's the big deal? It's just a One Direction concert. But, these two incidents are symptomatic of the homophobia that still exists even in such an innocuous environment as a One Direction concert. The fact that Security found a rainbow to be "offensive" and that a man physically confronted a child about a "gay sign" shows there's still work to be done and why movements like Rainbow Direction are so necessary.

L-R: Alex, Kayleigh, Meagan, Shandra, Lindsay, Maddie, Brady, Grace and Alisa at the Phoenix show

L-R: Alex, Kayleigh, Meagan, Shandra, Lindsay, Maddie, Brady, Grace and Alisa at the Phoenix show